Tell us your slow Trip

This is just an idea.

If it were interesting we would change the focus of this website, it would be slow travel worldwide instead of only Thailand.

To do so, we invite you to share your trips in one of the sections you can see here.

I’ve thought that the only two conditions would be the following, in addition to the own interest of the trip.

1. The origin is the experience as a traveller, so those proposals referring to your own home are not included.
2. Without a commercial purpose. Anyway, it’s possible to leave a contact by email.

What we need:

» Title?

» Country?

» In a few words, What is the idea?

» Approximate Duration?

» Slow travel category?

» For whom?

» Where?

» When?

» Description and pictures?

» About the Author?

If it works, when we reach 9 or 10 posts about 2 or 3 new countries, we will make the proper changes in the website.

Please contact us if you have any questions.

Thank you 😀
Manuel Jalon.

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