To Make the Most of your visits


Small changes, additional information or proposals to enhance your personal experience and also enjoy more.

Thai dance.
What Thai dances tell us?

We explain in a simple and entertaining way the meaning of the dance movements and the different types to make your experience more interesting.

Wat Phra Singh, Chiang Mai
To better understand the temples

You will learn how they are and the main elements. We don't extend too, just enough to know the essentials and their role in Thai society.

Street temple in Bangkok.
how to make offerings

If Buddha is not a God, what do the faithful do in temples? We show the steps to make offerings and explain the meaning of symbols.


Between the land and the sea, this is a unique ecosystem and Thailand offers a great opportunity to visit it. Perhaps the traveller can make a small change to enjoy a more exciting experience.

What is the meaning of mudras?

You are going to see hundreds of Buddha statues and images in the temples, here we try to explain the meaning of their positions and gestures to make the visits more interesting.

Muay Thai combat.
To Attend an evening of Muay Thai

This sport is deeply rooted in Thai culture and life. Explanations with photos and a very entertaining video about what happens in a Muay Thai combat, so that you can understand what happens in the ring and enjoy the evening.

The White Temple: Buddhism vs Animism

The White Temple in Chiang Rai opens a door to the underworld and is very intriguing, although it is different in Buddhist and Animistic conceptions. We address this question.

Casino in the Laos border.
Casino in the Golden Triangle, Is it worth a visit?

On the shore of Laos. You may find it weird, but it has more interest than it seems at first glance. We tell you here why.

Statue of Dalí in MOCA, Bangkok
MOCA Museum of Contemporary Art in Bangkok

This is a splendid museum that allows you to refresh your view of Thailand as from the current Thai artists.

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