Sharing life


When you have the chance to enjoy the hospitality of your hosts and share a little slice of life with them. We stop being spectators to become protagonists.

The Lovely Hill Tribes

Their universe is very different and their lives really interesting. Who are they and where do they live? A chance for a great personal experience.

Monks at Dawn

A very special moment in the early morning. Observe the strong ties of the monks with the community of faithful. You can take your own offering.

Lunch with an Akha family

They are very good people and you will be welcome. Their culture and social life are very unique, and sharing lunch will be interesting and enjoyable.

Local street party

This post invites you to take advantage of any chance to join local people, interact and have fun. We are in a typical night market in the city centre, where you can go shopping and maybe have the opportunity to dance. A very funny ending.

Lisu Shaman.
Shaman Lisu, talking to the spirits

The Guardian Spirit helps heal a woman through the shaman. These types of experiences require prior contact with an animist village, but if it were possible, it is worth attending.

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