The soul of Thailand

To get to know it a little bit

Opportunities to learn a little about the particular universe of the community that welcome you in this journey.

Little House of Spirits.
Little houses of spirits everywhere, why?

We give family references for western travellers with the aim that they can understand the purpose of these doll houses in the courtyards and gardens.

The epic of Ramakien, Sukhothai Historical Park.
The Ramakien, Inspiration for the soul

We tell you what Ramakien is, the meaning and why it is so important in Thai culture and people thinking.

Burning candle in a temple.
Buddhism, Religion or Philosophy?

This is an interesting question when you are in Thailand and visit Buddhist temples, here we venture to give our opinion. What do you think?

Indian man.
Basic Principles of Buddhism

Buddhism will be very present on your trip, so knowing a little about its principles will make what you see and hear more interesting.

Animistic beliefs

Dollhouses, colourful ribbons hugging some trees and altars with unfamiliar symbols. This is the world of spirits and animistic beliefs of many Thais.

Profane and sacred

It might seem weird to you, but the truth is that this division has an enormous significance in Thai society and culture. A difference that explains many things.

Mythological beings now, why?

You will see them in the Grand Palace and other sacred places. Here, we explain their origin and meaning, to make your visit more interesting and perhaps... warn you about them.


The answer is no, the usual thing is that he appears accompanied by mythological beings and deities. We focus on who and why they show up.

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